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I made a 40-hour attempt at vaginal birth, but had several life-threatening complications, the least of which was excessive bleeding (otherwise known as hemmorhaging) because of the placenta previa, and I ended up having a c-section. brie I'm a nurse practitioner specializing in Ob-Gyn.

You seem to trust your doctor in general, and I should think she would know exactly what to do in the case of full placenta previa (esp. In placenta previa, some portion of the placenta covers the cervix.

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If you bleed, you should make contact with your health provider.In partial placenta previa only a portion of the placenta covers the cervix.This is a relatively common finding at 20 weeks; In complete previa, the entire cervix is covered by the placenta. Standard practice is to recommend ''pelvic rest'' until a follow- up ultrasound indicates that the placenta is no longer covering the cervix.I'm at 25 weeks and will have another ultrasound at 28 weeks to see if it has cleared up since my last ultrasound at 22 weeks. It's my understanding that the the diagnosis is fairly common around the 20-week mark, but that the situation often corrects itself over time when the uterus grows (the placenta stays attached at the same place, but it moves with the growing uterus so it can move out of the way of the cervix.) I had another ultrasound at 35 weeks and again at 38 weeks, just in case. I had a complete previa as well as an accreta, and knowing that I had the best qualified OBs to deal with it gave me strength and a measure of calm. Mickye Adams for her expertise in high risk pregnancies, as well as being a really smart and kind person. Shirley I don't think you should neccesarily switch to a high-risk OB.And in my cse, I ended up ''borderline'' by the final test, so we had a scheduled cesarian at 39 weeks. As any doctor will tell you, placenta previa is a relatively rare condition that should be taken very seriously.

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“I was like, ‘All right.’” According to Todd, the gesture puts Parsons several steps ahead of Savannah’s ex-boyfriend, Blaire Hanks.

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They took it in turns to sit with me during the empty dates, but unfortunately this led to a bit of confusion when a guy taking part in the event accidentally bypassed my table because I was sitting with one of the English guys. We were all given a paper containing suggested ice breaking questions (“What would you take with you to a desert island?