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The language, which falls within the Insular Celtic family, has historically been spoken throughout Wales, with its predecessor Common Brittonic once spoken throughout most of the island of Great Britain.

Prior to the 20th century, large numbers of Welsh people spoke only Welsh, with little or no fluent knowledge of English.

Others hold that the close similarity between the Goidelic and Brythonic branches, and their sharing of Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age terminology with their continental relatives, point to a more recent introduction of Indo-European languages (or close communication), with Proto-Celtic itself unlikely to have existed before the end of the 2nd millennium BC at the earliest.

The genetic evidence in this case would show that the change to Celtic languages in Britain may have occurred as a cultural shift rather than through migration as was previously supposed.

Some current genetic research supports the idea that people living in the British Isles are likely mainly descended from the indigenous European Paleolithic (Old Stone Age hunter gatherers) population (about 80%), with a smaller Neolithic (New Stone Age farmers) input (about 20%).

Paleolithic Europeans seem to have been a homogeneous population, possibly due to a population bottleneck (or near-extinction event) on the Iberian peninsula, where a small human population is thought to have survived the glaciation, and expanded into Europe during the Mesolithic.

While Welsh remains the predominant language in some areas of Wales, particularly in the north and the west, English is now the predominant language in most parts of the country; however, many Welsh people, even in predominately English-speaking areas of Wales, are fluent or semi-fluent in Welsh or, to varying degrees, capable of speaking or understanding Welsh at limited or conversational proficiency levels.

But for those of you doing your family history, what we do guarantee, this is as it was, it is not sanitised, it is not made pretty it is just the truth.

In two recently published books, Blood of the Isles, by Brian Sykes and The Origins of the British, by Stephen Oppenheimer, both authors state that according to genetic evidence, most Welsh people, like most Britons, descend from the Iberian Peninsula, as a result of different migrations that took place during the Mesolithic and the Neolithic eras, and which laid the foundations for the present-day populations in the British Isles, indicating an ancient relationship among the populations of Atlantic Europe.

According to Stephen Oppenheimer 96% of lineages in Llangefni in north Wales derive from Iberia.

Their portrayals of welsh rural and urban life, including street scenes, schools, churches, railways, collieries, dockyards etc form the basis of the Reflective Images Collection.

Reflective Images are true to the original material we use, if the original's contain spelling mistakes and wrong street names then we leave them exactly as we find them.

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