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Crib quilts for infants were needed in the cold of winter, but even early examples of beautiful baby quilts indicate the efforts that women made to welcome a new baby.

Quilting was often a communal activity, involving all the women and girls in a family or in a larger community.

In a new tradition, quilt makers across the United States have been making quilts for wounded veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts.

One of the primary techniques involved in quilt making is patchwork, sewing together geometric pieces of fabric often to form a design or "block." Also called piecing, this technique can be achieved with hand stitching or with a sewing machine.

For a subscription quilt, community members would pay to have their names embroidered on the quilt top, and the proceeds would be given to the departing minister.

There are international competitions as well, particularly in the United States, Japan, and Europe. 1865, unknown maker, Kentucky, dimensions: 80" x 85".

Supporting paper or other materials are typically removed after the sewing is complete.

The ground fabric is often cut away from behind, after the sewing is complete, in order to minimize the bulk of the fabric in that region.

White wholecloth quilts with high-quality, elaborate quilting, and often trapunto decorations as well, are also traditional for weddings.

Interestingly, it was considered bad luck to incorporate heart motifs in a wedding quilt (the couples’ hearts might be broken if such a design were included), so tulip motifs were often used to symbolize love in wedding quilts.

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