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The date must be RL, year 130, which is unpublished in the primary references.

Heritage is selling an interesting and challenging collection of ancient coins the evening of Monday, January 5, 2015, at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in conjunction with the New York International Numismatic Convention. All of general type bust of Melqart right, wearing laurel wreath, lion-skin around neck / TYPOY IEPAS KAI ASY? DCA Supplement: Shekels of Tyre updates the rarity assessment (at least one example was found for most of the issues listed as U in Volume 1).

8 Half shekel of the Temple Tax Hoard of the unlisted minting year 4-5 CE. Two unprovenanced half shekels of year 31 (96/95 BCE, 6.95 gram, top) and 47 (80/79 BCE, 6.92 gram, bottom) sharing the same obverse die as confirmed by David R. Some well preserved examples, however, confirm an original weight of about 7.1 gram (fig.6 and 13). Obverse NERWNOS KAISAROS SEBASTOU, laureate bearded bust right wearing aegis; reverse eagle standing on a thunderbolt, wings spread, palm frond left, V / HP right (regnal year 6 & year 108 of the Caesarian era = 59-60 A. During the second Jewish War, the Bar Kochba revolt of 132-135 CE, there was once again a series of silver shekels, in this case recoined Roman denarii (fig 21). After the destruction of the Jewish Temple in 70 CE, the shekel lost an important basis.

The date looks like RA (Tyrian year 101, 26 - 25 B. That date did not, however, fit the rest of the hoard and the presence of KR on the reverse in the right field, used only from year 113 onwards. Thus an aimed average weight for freshly minted half shekels of about 7.1 gram is credible. Half shekel minted in 47-48 CE with damaged reverse die (at head of the eagle). Not only the temple was lost, but also the related coinage.

After 20/19 BC, the style and fabric of Tyrian coinage changed markedly, with the coins becoming smaller and thicker, and the letters KP were added to the reverse control marks.

Thus this collection would be impossible to duplicate until more examples come to light.

The Lifespan of Jesus: Even without taking up the question of his divinity, Jesus of Nazareth, widely known as Jesus Christ, is arguably the most important person in the history of Western Civilization.

Indeed, the modern world's BC / AD dating system is based on his assumed birth year of 1 BC/AD 1 (there is no "year zero").

By Tom Buijtendorp The Tyrian shekels have been minted during almost two centuries and are well known as the coin for the annual temple tax, and the silver pieces paid to Judas. The Tyrian (half) shekels in general Fig 1 Early tetradrachm of Tyre of Ptolemy II Philadelphos (285 - 246 BCE), minted in 277-276 BCE in Tyre. Obverse diademed and draped bust right; reverse BASILEWS DHMHTRIOU, eagle standing left on ship ram, palm frond under wing, A/PE / TYP monogram on club left, AVS monogram / IPR (year 187) right, GHP monogram between leg. This was still the type about one and half century later. Early Tyrian shekel with reverse double-struck, minted in 107-106 BCE. The head of the ruler was replaced by the laureate head of the city god Melqart facing right, continuing the beautiful style. After a few years, the style of the Tyrian shekels deteriorated with a more crude portrait (fig 5). As a result, sometimes small cuts were used to test whether a coins was of pure silver (fig 16). Tetradrachm of Caracalla minted in Tyre in 213-217 CE. Although the silver content was much lower, these coins formally were of the same value as the shekels, as the comparable look suggested (fig 17).

Obverse diademed head of Ptolemy I right wearing aegis; reverse PTOLEMAIOU BASILEWS, eagle standing left on thunderbolt, Z ( year 7; Z takes a form similar to I, or H on its side) over club left; struck with a sculptural high-relief obverse die. Examples are the last tetradrachms of the Seleukid ruler Demetrius II Nikator (146 - 136 and 129 - 125 BCE) minted in 126-126 BCE, just before he was murdered and Tyre gained autonomy (fig 2). 3 Early autonomous shekel minted in year six (111-110 BCE) of the new year count, in the beautiful style of the first autonomous shekels. Like the former tetradrachms, there was no obverse legend. A brief revival in style followed (fig 6), after which the coins become more crude again. In low volume years, there would be only one or a few obverse dies needed. Obverse AVT KAI AN-TWNINOC CE, laureate head right; reverse DHMAPX EX YPATOCTOD, eagle standing facing on club, wings spread, tail and head left, wreath in beak, murex shell between legs. At the same time, the production of Tyrian shekels continued at a much lower volume.

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