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He argued that demographic development would create an increasing gap between France and Germany’s available military manpower and that West Africans were especially suited to be shock troops in an industrialised war because their allegedly less developed nervous system made them immune to the noise of battle.

As a result, a 1912 decree allowed for forced recruitment in French West Africa and for the use of these troops outside the colony.

As most of the European colonial powers that held African territories became involved in the First World War as belligerents, large parts of Africa were affected by the war in one way or another.

Apart from fighting in Africa and economic exploitation to support the colonial powers’ war efforts, voluntary and forced migration of soldiers and war workers to Europe was another aspect of Africa’s involvement in the war.

The German counteroffensive cost the French army dearly: almost half of all the deployed West African soldiers died.Between 19, the French deployed approximately 450,000 indigenous troops from Africa, including West Africans (so-called Tirailleurs Sénégalais), Algerians (so-called Turcos and Spahis), Tunisians, Moroccans, Malagasies, and Somalis, most of whom saw deployment in Europe.Settlers of European origin provided another 110,000 soldiers from North Africa (Chasseurs d’Afrique and Zouaves) and some of the 5,700 men in “créole” units from the old Senegalese cities and ports were also of European extraction.This article analyzes the deployment of about half a million African soldiers in Europe, where most of them fought in the French army.It first outlines the numbers and origins of African soldiers as well as the ways they were deployed in Europe.

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If you want to live in a foreign country and he doesn't, you're incompatible. This means that you can talk to each other, the conversation doesn't end, you can negotiate, and make and keep agreements.

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From Nirvana to Miley Cyrus, The Strokes to Carly Rae Jepsen, The Pixies to Kanye West, Kesha to Lil Wayne and far beyond, punk rock has infected the lifeblood of the culture.