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But when Sam Dong had a chance to go to New York at the end of 16 and was adamantly not going, it was Hye Mi who pushed him to his dreams and stated how she was happy for him from the bottom of her heart. Because she only considered Jin Guk a friend (and thus was jealous of him), while she loved Sam Dong and so was truly happy for him. Well, I didnt expect muchhhhhhhh in this drama since I know it is like musical and about some school stuff only, the first episodes are kinda boring but as time goes by it became exciting and exciting. Malibu, in case you haven't noticed, but Suzy is acting as a proud girl who doesn't show her feelings easily. That is because she doesn't want her weakness to reveal to everyone.I thought it wouldnt be able to make me laugh but it really did, some scenes are emotional but the actors cannot really give all the feels (they are mostly younger here so I understand that their acting are bit odd) buttttt Their skills are superbbbbbb. She only cries or smiles when she is with her close friends. Malibu, in case you haven’t noticed, but Suzy is acting as a proud girl who doesn’t show her feelings easily. That is because she doesn’t want her weakness to reveal to everyone.But the fact Go hyemi did not end up with jinguk hurts alot wish they ended up together . Ok she has a really sad life, she suffers, she is left with her little sister, etc... I agree that Dream High is entertaining, but it seems more like an ego boosting trip for the singers in the cast. I know who gave him pointers in speaking english...supposedly "Boston Guy"..he talks as if he was raised in the ghetto..... Go hye mi deserves that kind of revenge after she broke Yoon Becky's heart... her attitude makes everyone hating her..means she done well... right now she still likes jinkuk but because soo hyun is threading male, sam dong will probably be the one she'll be with in the end of the film... take Kim Pil-Suk (IU) for instance..has a great voice, though her looks and overall appearance is very low. And I'm a guy myself so it kinda makes [me] feel bad that male guy singers got the body and the voice, but can't act very well.I really dont like the ending the story is good bu the ending was so. But in my opinion, she's only an arrogant, pretentious student . But, i guess it's enough to seem to koreans that he's speaking english... ..anything to do w/ this project....seems like a remake a "Fame". I really think that Hyemi and Samdong should be together D: Because the drama would be really following a stereotyped plot if Hyemi ends up with Jin Gook since they have a "childhood chemistry". on the other hand, suzy x taecyeon and suzy x sam dong are both so cute, i don't know which one i want. The girls of the drama on the other hand is amazing, though still needs some improvement especially on the "lying" and "getting mad" part (: This movie pretty ok, i would of give it a 4/10. , cause the mail actor aren't that good yet, but the girls are great!They shouldn't have created a lot of Jin Guk and Hye Mi moments if they won't be together in the end. Until the end Hye Mi and Sam Dong had only one kiss and that's it. This story is really different unlike only love triangle and romance .. Friendship ,love, support ,funny and specially teacher and students bonding .. AND, Hye mi fall for Sam Dong, she just didn't know and she's confused. This was one of the greatest romances I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot) and I just don't know how to recover from this show. Suzy is great in acting.said she's not good..isn't lack in movement.just that's the way she should act.. there are a lot face, eye & body expressions that she's lack of.Their interaction is more natural and less awkward but at Ep 16 Hye Mi suddenly became cold to Jin Guk. Hye Mi and Sam Dong pairing is nice but they should have given it more screentime than Hye Mi Jin Guk if that's the established otp in the beginning. And yes the ost's only hope , dream high ,winter child thoroughly enjoyed watched this drama ..!! :-* After watching this drama, I've done some research about Suzy and watched her videos on youtube and of course Miss A music videos.☺ That's when I became Suzy's superfan. I am legit still in rehab and I can't help questioning the humanity in love? Ko Hyemi, in the story, can't show her feeling well and she doesn't want anyone to see her weaknesses.expressions and movement just like Ko Hyemi, not stiff, it's just that's Hyemi.. for examples, in her eyes doesn't have the proper movement, her face is definitely frozen and the way her body moves is uncontrol there are no defiying moment on her at all.. she definitely needs time to study all those things.I am crying because I am so happy and proud of them especially Sam dong & Hye Mi. I am crying because I want to see them together again. I am crying because I want to watch Hye Mi & Sam Dong being together – on how they will catch up with each other after not seeing for a long time (but I hope they are seeing each other or calling each other for the year before 2018 despite of their busy schedule ). I have lots of imaginations in mind and I am crying because I am not satisfied seeing it only in my imagination unless I would be able to watch the continuation on TV. I wanted to see HOW he brought them all around to their full potential, but he seems to leave it in others' hands.... Suzy's and Kim Soo Huyn's character would meet first time after years : D Just like in "Veronica Mars" :)) You who are in Korea, just write petition, please :)) Sorry for my English... their friendship, the couple( i liove milky couple more tho) they'r soooo adorable. hye mi has a tough shell so she won't easily show her emotions. i can't wait for pilsuk and jason to get together, i can't help but love pilsuk for not giving in to jason so easily. This specifically goes to those people who are AUDITIONING for YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertaiment, CUBE Entertaiment, DSP, so on and so forth..right now... they aren't as good since they're basically KPOP IDOLS not K-Actors/Actresses.

She dreamed of becoming a world renown classical vocalist, but after the collapse of her family she had no choice but to enter Kirin High School of Art. Yoon Becky (Eun Jung) looks up to Ko Hye-Mi, who appears to have everything. She looks forward to having a "regular" school life. i dont know why but wooyoung a.k.a jason really make me fall in love .(Episode 11) Hye Mi spent nights after nights going to the nightclub where Sam Dong is hiding out to recite to him her notes on the composing class (because she'll never give up on him) despite Sam Dong basically telling her to fuck off and get out of his life.Also, on the first and last night during this time when she couldn't find him, she spent the entire night combing through the whole city to find him.First, Hye Mi had feelings for sam dong going all the way back to the 11th episode, she just didn't realize it as I will list some moments below.And lmao, their sweet moments is only "initiated by sam dong and not both". There were plenty of sweet moments between them that were initiated by hye mi, such as: 1.

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After she accepted it, I wanted to speak to her and get to know her. Then we started talking and getting used To each other. Shortly after that when we was both happy with each Other...

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Back to top An individual employed by an insurance company to calculate premium rates, reserves, dividends and other important figures using risk factors obtained from experience tables.

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The only thing I wish it also had was a recording "out", either 1/4 inch or XLR.

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"Until I know someone and I know their story, I never really judge anyone. From the way I saw him with his family, I never saw him be anything but an incredible person and a really great dad. "My whole life, I didn't understand my own gender and my own sexuality," Cyrus said.

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I was debating about texting him when he nudged me on the screen. Bro: lol sounds like more fun than my night Sis: ur D&D game was a drag? Our lips danced together and we inhaled each other's hot breath.