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Moses; DOB unknown, location in England, unknown: Mary, DOB about 1751, location in England, unknown. Area of Research : Conception Bay Extent of research Limited [Jan/2000] Researcher: ELDRED SHINER - [email protected]:7 Watson Crescent St. A1A 3K3 Phone:709-722-0467 Description: Looking for family history. and Walter Hearn and Susanna Benning were witnesses at baptism. Their children were Ida(1871), Clementine(1874), Emily(1874 - my grandmother), Sadie, Kenneth and Nell. Their children were Jessie(1908), Gilbert(1909), Richard (Dick 1911), Hilda(1913 - my mom), Alma(1916), James(1918), Carl(1923) Allison (adopted at age 12 birthdate unknown). John's and moved to Craig Miller Farm on Cockpit Road around 1910. They had at least six children: Ann (1834), Susan (1836), Mary (1838), Thomas 1838), William (1840), and Samuel (1843). Lived in Black Brook in 1921, Charity still there in 1945.They may have come from Cornwall, Dorset, Devon, or Hampshire. They only reference I have to James Scott was in Mc Alpine's 1894-97 Directory, where he is listed as a fisherman. 25, 1856, Elizabeth Janes(Widow of David Janes), children, Lydia (1858), Thomas Jeynes (1862) and Elizabeth (1864). Area of Research: Entire Province Extent of research: Extensive [June/2001] Researcher: Deb - [email protected]: looking for anyone connected to James Short b.1842 Hants Harbour Nfld. Would like to trace back on James Brine family ie: parents, siblings so any help would be appreciated. I have dates of death for James and Emily and some of their children. John's Extent of research: Limited [February/2003] Researcher: Jennifer Butt - [email protected]: 15 Second Ave., Grand Falls Windsor, NFLD, A2B 1B2 Phone: Description : Looking for information on Elizabeth(Lizzie) SMITH born 1891 in Placentia Bay. Believed to have lived in King's Cove, Plate Cove East, or Keels. If anyone has any info on Mary or her father, please contact me Area of Research: St. Trying to trace a sister of my father possibly called Winifred but cannot find a sister with that name.Also interested in Keough/Kehoe, Doolin, Aylward, O'Keefe(Hr. box 2368 paradise, nfld a1l1e6 Phone: Description: John Shapter 1820--1892 St. The time frame of the connection would be somewhere around 1900. Area of Research: Conception Bay Extent of research: Limited [September/2001][Jan/2002] Researcher: Theresa Cantwell - [email protected] Address: Torbay, Newfoundland Phone: Description: Looking for information on Edward Peter Halley of Topsail who married a Mary ? Halley who married Margaret Walsh (1857-1930)and a daughter Anne (1829-1925) married Thomas Flannery of Topsail, Newfoundland. Area of Research: Entire Province Extent of research: Limited [December/2001] Researcher: D ANDERSON - [email protected]: Phone: Description: SEEKING PARENTS OF ESTER STICKLEY BORN AROUND 1835 IN CATELINA MARRIED TO WILLIAM ROWE BORN 1833 BIRD ISLAND COVE. 1838 Area of Research: Bay of Islands Extent of Research: Extensive [October/2004] Researcher: Karen Johnson - [email protected]: 508 East 6th St., North Vancouver, BC, V7L 1R1 Phone: 604-990-4338 Description: Looking for birth record of Richard Cornish STONE born circa 1775 in Newfoundland, dies April 16, 1862 (age 86) in East Teignmouth, Devon, father to Mary Andrews-Stone who is baptised Nov 07 1810 at St. Possibly the Richard STONE born 1775 in Trinity, son of Robert STONE & Mary HODDER. John's Extent of Research: Limited [April/2005] Researcher: Nicole Lentz - [email protected]:8 Amstel Dr. I think it was either Martin or Andrew, but unable to find out. Thomas Strickland came from Hermitage Bay as a servant and married as stated above.John's, Newfoundland any information on Shapters from 1800s Area of Research: Entire Province Extent of research: Extensive [Mar/2001] Researcher:cheri - [email protected]: Info on THOMAS SHARP(E) from Spoon Cove/Upper Island Cove. Moved to Paradise, Conception Bay South, in early 1900's. Phone:7 Description: Family tree of Herbert C Shears : Rocky Harbour : Born 1910 died 1995 , He was the son of James Shears who lived in Rocky Harbour, he died in 1919 . Jonas Sheers was born in Harbour Le Cou and he was the son of James Sheers [ or shears ] and he lived and died in Harbour Le Cou in 1852 at the age of 78." I would like to no the origin of the Shears [Sheers] family" ? There may also have been children Herbert and Sarah. The relatives in Ferryland would have been James Sullivan and his wife Polly (Slaney),plus his brothers Joseph, Thomas, sisters Mary Jane, Alice and Elizabeth. Edward Peter is believed to have come from Tipperary, Ireland. On the US census he has stated that both his parents were also born in Newfoundland. Area of Research: Bonavista Bay Extent of research: Extensive [June/2001] Researcher: Don Mcdonald - [email protected]: 9398 Fairview Drive, Northville, Michigan, 48167 Phone: Description: My Grandmother was Mary Stein (Moriarity) I believe she came from St Vincents/St Mary's Bay. Area of Research: Entire Province Extent of research: Moderate [June/2002][March/2003] Researcher: Carol Edwards - [email protected] Address: 244 West 72nd Street/12C, New York, NY 10023 Phone: Description: Seek any information on the family of Charlotte STOOK, who married William Grimstead in St. Apt 16 New Castle, Delaware USA 19720 Phone: Description: Seeking informatioon the parents of Joseph Strang b. Joseph is my GG Grandfather, and trying to go another generation back. They had one daughter who married Thomas Strickland of Muddy Hole. He was a brother of Robert of Hunt's." If anyone has any information about the Thomas Strickland that came from Hermitage Bay around 1850, or anyone else mention in this section of the diary please contact me.Area of Research: Conception Bay Extent of research: Moderate [Sept/2000][Oct/00] Researcher : Charles Shave - [email protected] : I am looking for any information on the Shave family, I believe my great grandfather came from the Burin area. Shave dob Feb 17, 1870 wife Marin (sp) Feb dob 1869, they had 6 children Emily F May 12, 1893 Ludig G Oct 28 1894 Albert D Apr 26 1896 (my grandfather lived in Port Aux Basques and died in Stephenville in 1962) Elce M Sept 11, 1899 Archibald M Sept 3, 1901 Philip A H Oct 13, 1909 Area of Research : Entire Province Extent of research: Moderate [May/2000] Researcher:jim saunders - [email protected]:looking for any information on the saunders from fogo island. I believe she had a brother Tom who lived at Caplin Cove. They had 7 children- Minnie, Bernie, Lewis, Chester, Charles, Harvey and Norman. Area of Research: Port aux Basque Extent of Research: Very Limited [June/2005] Researcher: Jaimie - [email protected]: RR5, Calgary, AB, T2P 2G6 Description: I am looking for a Thomas Patrick Sheehan who was born around 1933-34. Area of Research : Entire Province Extent of research Limited [March 2007] Description: Seeking information on John Edward Shute and family. NW, Calgary, Alberta, T2K 3R8 Phone: 403-295-1344 Researching: Martin is listed in Goverment records as Light Keeper on Brunet Island in 1871. Any assistance or suggestions would be most welcome. Want to know where they lived and where they are buried. Area of Research: Fortune Bay Extent of research: Moderate [Feb/2001] Researcher: Roger - [email protected]: Phone: Description: In Joseph Small's diary of Burgeo, written in 1925, there is a section that I am using for my starting point in my research. I have been searching my family online and have been coming up with maybe 2% info.my grandfather was clarence saunders from cape cove and my great grandfather was solomon one time the name saunders was spelled { sandy ]. Area of Research: Entire Province Extent of research: Moderate [December/2001] Researcher : Cordella Noble-Cyr - [email protected] :198 Main Street King's Point, NF A0J 1H0 Phone: 7092682229 Description : Seeking ancestors of Mary Susan SAUNDERS, b. I have some info on descendants who stayed in the Notre Dame Bay area. He was in the Navy in 1954 and was and Irish Catholic from Newfoundland. I have done extensive research on Sparrow's of Placentia Bay and cannot relate him. Did he also have a son named George Sparrow who drowned aboard the Nellie Harris in 1905? Area of Research: Entire Province Extent of Research: Limited [March/2005] Researcher: Angela Legge - [email protected]: 3034 Bartlett Drive, Labrador City, NF, A2V 2P5 Phone: Description: Looking for info on William 'Uncle Billy' STOCKLEY from Pool's Island, who married Alice Kelloway, daughter of Peter and Anne Maria (nee Hunt). Any info on Uncle Billy and his siblings or new wife or additional children, please contact me. How did he get here from England, siblings, marrriage and or death records? Thank god I come from a big family, I was able to get info from my great great grandfather.

She married Charles Francis and later Charles Nicolle of Anticosti Island. in 1934 and boarding with a John Durdle on 16 Wickford St. Any info would help,my grandmother doesn't remember much. Any info you might share might help me confirm some connections. Johns, and also Anna May Waugh sometime after 1908. Area of Research: Fortune Bay Extent of research: Limited [Oct/2000] Researcher: Ralph Sellars - [email protected] Area of Research: Conception Bay Extent of research: Extensive [Jan/2001] Researcher : Richard Burnell - [email protected] :23 Glen Moir Terrace, Apt 103, Bedford N. B4A 1J4 Phone: 902-835-7086 Description : I am looking for descendants of Mary Sexton, born in 1800, died in 1889. Area of Research: Southwest Coast Extent of research: Moderate [March 2007] Researcher: Sue - [email protected]: Trying to find information on William Short(t)b. Area of Research: Entire Province Extent of research: Extensive [December/2002] Researcher: David Short - [email protected]:48 Fagan Drive, St John's, NF, A1A 3N4 Phone:7 Description: Seeks info on parents & decendants of John Short bc 1826,m Oct 23,1854 to Mary Elizabeth Vivian of Cat Cove,d ca 1889 at Old Bonaventure. Area of Research: Entire Province Extent of Research: Moderate [Dec/97][Dec/98][Jan/02] Researcher : Bill Coffen - [email protected] :51 Larkhall St. She married William Hurley of USP, and had several kids including: Julia Ann ( married David Curran) Maurice Francis ( married Mary Tracey) Lucy Mae ( married Ambrose Kennedy) Elizabeth( married William Furey) others may have been Anastasia and Bridget.

Area of Research: Entire Province Extent of research: Limited [December/2001] Researcher: Carl Hustins - [email protected]:1210 St. Also, parents of his wife Susanah Noseworthy, born in 1851 (presumed Bath, England) and died in 1935 in Harbour Grace, Nfld. THEIR CHILDREN JOHN 1847, ANN 1848, MARY JANE 1858, ABRAHAM 1860, ELIZABETH 1851, MARIA ? Thanks for your time and attention to this matter Area of Research: Extent of research: [May/2001] Researcher: Mary Vienneau - [email protected]: 41 Tracey Rd., Brookside, Nova Scotia B3T 1T9 Phone: Description: Looking for info on Anthony PHELAN (? Area of Research : Entire Province Extent of research Extensive [Mar/2000] Researcher: Janice Hopkins - [email protected] Address:10 Halloran Place Mount Pearl NF A1N 2L6 Phone: 709-364-4595 Description: Seeking parents/siblings of John Strong born about 1814 in Old Perlican, Trinity Bay. Henry and Sarah was married for 5 years then she died. Sweeney-Faiola - [email protected] :90 Speck Avenue Cranston, RI 02910 Description : I am looking for the family (including parents) of Jeremiah Sweeney, born 5/24/1869 (I believe) in Carbonear.

Moritz Court Ottawa, Ontario K1C 2B3 Phone:6 Description: Seeking information for Henrietta Sheppard who married William Henry Hustins sometime around 1908/09. Area of Research : Entire Province Extent of research: Limited [Jun/2000] Researcher : Debbie - [email protected] : General Delivery Spaniard's Bay, NF A0A 3X0 Description : Looking for information on Richard Sheppard who may have been married at least once to a Mary Porter. Area of Research: South Coast Extent of research: Moderate [June/2001] Researcher : Steve CURRIE - [email protected] :80 Knightsbridge Rd., London, Ontario N6K 3R4 Description : I have been researching the SPENCER family from West Cul de Sac, NF for over two years. He married Mary Hopkins of Old Perlican on February 5, 1839 in Old Perlican. Area of Research: Trinity Bay Extent of research: Limited [Jan/2002] Researcher: Ralph Sellars - [email protected]:299 Sanborn Rd. He married a woman named Margaret Rice I don't know when/nor/where. Thank you for any time and attention you can give my request.

Two known children of this union (a second marriage for William) were Maxwell Hustins, born 1908, and Herbert, born 28 July 1912. It is also believed that he may have been from Lark Hr. I have learned that there are more than 1,000 desendants of Stephen SPENCER who lived in West Cul de Sac, NF circa 1830's. Some of his children were Matthew, Catherine, William, John Timothy, Robert, Parthena, Rachel, Stephen, John William, George Robert, and Jabez. Tilton, NH 03276 USA Phone:603-286-4070 Description: Ancestors and Descendents of Thomas Strong; b: c1765 Old Perlican; d: c2/25/1828 Old Perlican; m:c1786 Grace Pilley. Area of Research : Entire Province Extent of research Limited [February 2007] Researcher: Dorothy - Gizmo [email protected] Address: E6G 1G7 Phone: Description: Researching the Sweeney's and Power's of Tilting, especially Owen Sweeney jr. 1835, son of John Sweeney and Catherine (Strickland).

Believed Henrietta may have been from the Harbour Grace or other nearby Conception Bay community. I was able to trace several branches of this family to the present day. Area of Research: East Coast Extent of research: Moderate [Jan/2001] Researcher: Danny Roberts - [email protected]: 18-1529 West 71st Ave., Vancouver, BC V6P 3B9 Phone: 604-263-3778 (Fax Only) Description: Richard Elloitt Stroud was the first Settlers in Glovertown (Bloody Bay)I have many Family Stroud's Records and History Please freely ask your request and send me Fax number above Area of Research: Bonavista Bay Extent of Research: Extensive [Feb/98][Apr/00] Researcher : Robert Jeffrey - [email protected] :862 Meadowhill Court Oshawa, ON L1K 1X5 Phone: 905-725-6323 Description : I am interested in learning about the origins of the STROWBRIDGE'S who were living in the Fortune Bay District (Red Cove, Miller's Passage, Harbour Breton) and the Hermitage District (Little Bay) as early as the 1840s.

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