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code == null) else Here, on the above code sample, structure of My Settings class is being created from the idea of my another article on storing application settings using c#, so either go through that to get the clear idea and use the best practice, or you can hard code the settings value for now for testing quickly.Also, you will have to be familiar with Web Browser For WPF or Web Browser For Windows Forms , depends on which desktop type application you are creating.Basically, you will need to pass 2 more parameter in the URL when pop-up the url in your application with Web Browser control, which are “type=user_agent&display=popup” that will directly send the access token back without need of another extra request that is needed in web application.And then return back to the application with a reply code, which is later can be used to retrieve the access token.(My code here is from a sample MVC application’s controller function.As the Facebook PHP SDK v4.0 gets closer and closer to the next big release of version 4.1 (probably in August or September of 2014), the internal structure keeps getting more and more decoupled. But good things have also recently happened in the 4.0 branch.In version 4.0.9 access token handling has been completely decoupled, and it is now possible to work directly with access tokens with the SDK. By default, when you request a user access token, Facebook will return a short-lived access token which will expire in 2 hours.

Also, to know more about facebook c#, please read my another article about getting started with facebook graph api in c# .With these, you will be able to start using Facebook API and make call to Facebook API for any kind of public data.You will need to get the access token only when you intend to access some private data for a user.Then, user will have to allow your application for the usage, what will give you the access to his private data, access token is the key to that door.Here I am going to make use of my two custom class, one is MYWeb Request, that I have discussed before while showing way of creating http request using c sharp; Another is My FB, a simple class that utilizes Facebook C# API library and meet my custom needs 🙂 You can get the code snippet of My Web Request class from the related post linked above, and here is the code sample for the My FB class, which you can also use by enhancing/extending for your custom needs: To allow access, Facebook requires that you redirect the user to the Facebook page(given of Facebook API documentation) where user is asked to allow his private information access to the application.

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In online dating, you have lots of opportunities to meet different type of people that come from different ethnicities and backgrounds.

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Thus, an interested candidate may appear for this exam while he is appearing in 12th standard, finished 12th standard etc. Also read: How to crack SSB Interview After clearing the NDA written exam and the SSB interview, recommended candidates will have to appear for PABT (Pilot Aptitude Battery Test).

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You can choose your language settings from within the program.

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On Transgenderdate you can make friends, find a date or find love without any of the pressure's of the other leading dating website's because you'll never have to worry about membership fee's or trial expirations of any type.

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And so the bolder of the two said to the other: ' If I thought thou wouldst keep the secret, I would tell thee what I have sometimes meditated, and which thou perhaps mightest also find agreeable'....