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The mourning days passed as my mother grieved for a beloved sister as her life became fond memories told as stories to those of us left behind. Here is that story.*A few days after her funeral, I found myself standing outside my Aunt's bungalow which she had bequeathed me during the settling of her estate. I know how all this must sound to you right now but I want you to know you can trust us completely. "Wally the vibrator and Danny the dildo can only go so far," she said, butting in. Then she began to swallow my meat and we all watched in amazement as inch by throbbing inch disappeared inside her mouth.Number 145 Maple Drive was situated at the far side of a square cul-de-sac made up of four similar single bedroomed homes. She took me into the entrance to her throat and with a loud snort, pushed her face forward until her wide open lips were stretched painfully around my root."Holy shit, Angie! "For the next couple of minutes, she deep throated me.It was part of a larger neighborhood made up mostly of elderly retirees or widows/widowers who wanted nothing more than to enjoy the quiet life while doing a bit of gardening. I worked from home and the peace and quiet were exactly what I was looking for as I had already made plans to move out from my parent's place. All I know is you were her favorite and if she was going to leave it to anyone, it would be you."And she had. Always front foot forward and doing things to keep her busy. Ruth looked to be slightly older than Angie and she had this awesome halo of jet black hair which she had pulled back tight from her face and twisted it into a long ponytail that curled down to her waist. "Including your Aunt Barbra, who we all loved dearly and miss her every single day."My Aunt Barbra?!! She would let me pop out of her mouth every now and then so she could draw breath before going down on me again.

We can get to know each other and have a house warming party at the same time. Sharon broke the spell and slipped her arm through Ruth's."Come on, ladies," she winked, "We need to get cooking! All three were staring at me intently, "Do you miss the sex? I felt my mouth fall open in shock as her words rattled around inside my brain. "Sharon, you take the second, and I'll take the third. The first pulse subsided as the room began to spin and she pulled my throbbing cock out of her mouth with a loud "pop" and quickly handed me over to Sharon who was as wide eyed as her friend. A little less than the first cum but still a good mouthful for her to savor and swallow.

I sensed they enjoyed the thrill of getting to know someone completely outside of their usual social circle. I was gripping Angie and Sharon by the hair to steady myself as they both held on to my quivering thighs to keep me in place.

As time passed, I got to learn more about them and they about me. Life is what you make of it and how you deal with what she throws at you. As long as I hit my deadlines, I was the master of my domain. "I was asking if you had a girlfriend," Ruth said again. Angie looked up at me in surprise and made a face as she gulped down my spunk and sat there licking her lips like the cat who got the cream.

When we were finished, we both stood looking at half a dozen black bags piled together in the middle of her kitchen floor. " I asked as we sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee. Suddenly, there was a cough behind me and I turned to find myself looking at three middle-aged mature women who had appeared out of nowhere. She had a charm and grace about her and a friendly aura that put you immediately at ease with her. Not stocky as in over-weight but stocky as in everything was super defined. It felt like I had gallons worth of pent up spunk stewing in my balls.

I got the impression she was the leader of the troop."Ben, right? Hour glass figure was a phrase invented for a woman like her. I could feel that tingling sensation starting to radiate out from my sex and washing over me like a warm wave.

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Majority of the Fortune 1000 organizations find themselves in this situation today.

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