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I'm 58 years old and am pleased I can still enjoy sexual relations with my lovely husband. These are the only products that have helped us be intimate and they are organic and cruelty free which is important to us too. Not sticky at all ""The pre-filled WB applicators are a must for any woman (especially of a certain age) experiencing vaginal dryness. And no scent or stickiness: you really can't even tell you're using something, It just feels like things used to when you were 22. ""I am a menopausal women and experiencing extreme dryness, I have used so many products and they all have caused burning during intercourse this by far is the only product that has worked for me, it's also not sticky, perfect. I have IC and PFD and my vagina feels irritated a lot. It's also very good at helping prevent and sooth yeast infections because of the PH. S., neurogenic bladder, chronic, almost antibiotic-resistant UTIs, my husband and I went for 14 years with no intercourse.Now in our mid-sixties, we are benefiting from an enlightened doctor's advice on how to completely avoid the UTIs.""It continues to make an enormous difference to the quality of my sex life with my husband.Also - it matters very much to be choosing a product that is so non-chemical and environmentally friendly. My doctor gave me estrace to use and I do not want that stuff in my body. I will go for an exam soon and can't wait to see what she sees.I am 59 years old and your product has improved my husband's and my sex life.

I wish the hospital had told me more about vaginal dryness etc. ""The vaginal moisturizer (pre- filled applicator) is very easy and painless to use.Your chat service confirmed that this is the appropriate product and also suggested OB which I will try.I find the VM product very cooling and soothing and it enables me to go for a walk without pain.I can now feel totally relaxed that any issues I have had in the past have been resolved. I was looking for a water based product that was made of non-toxic ingredients. The result was we quit having sex altogether because I couldn't hide it, didn't want to, and my husband didn't like hurting me. I was very healthy otherwise (I walk 2.5 miles 4 to 5 days a week) and eat for nutrition... Women don't talk about these things that happen to most of us of a certain age. But now, thanks to YES, my body, and my sex-life is 'normal' again. Since using your product, that has all but disappeared. As a women and a chemist I was intrigued by the companies founding and mission. I started with the variety pack and have been a loyal customer ever since (6 years). ""I had great difficulty with pain after a hysterectomy (for over a year past surgery). After reading up about yes yes products and the reviews from other people, I tried Yes yes and I am so glad that I did. I'm post menopause and suffer from vaginal dryness and consequently sex became painful. Then i thought maybe it wasn't thrush but vaginal dryness and since using VM I've been back to normal and so much more comfortable and no problems since! Thank you ""A friend turned me on to YES after I rejected my doctor's suggestion to take hormone therapy to relieve my vaginal dryness. Zero irritation, zero reactions and feels completely like my own natural fluids. ""It's helped me enormously to get my life back on track after taking breast cancer drugs to block the estrogen. ""I really appreciate that your products are natural and non-irritating and that they work!I was embarrassed and feeling quite alone in dealing with my symptoms, but this has all changed thanks to Yes products. The very first time we tried YES WB lubricant it worked! I'm going to try the VM product to help with the dryness issues on a more long term basis, but the applicators are the best. I had some bad reactions from most of the over-the-counter products here in the States. I have told all of my doctors about how great these products are for women like myself. Daily use of OB lubricant has completely cured my Vulval Dermatitis without using any cortisone. Turns out I was experiencing vaginal atrophy and dryness - YES! ""I've found intercourse painful since becoming menopausal. I was having to take antibiotics for urinary traction infection after every session of sex. It made a big difference to my intimate relationship. I'm so pleased to have discovered Yes VM and Yes WB - which have resolved my problems. After having a total hysterectomy in my 40s I struggled to find products that didn't leave me more sore or uncomfortable than I already was. I was using hormone cream and the skin irritation was worse than the dryness. I've used your lubricant for some time now so I decided to try the VM thinking it could not possibly work. I've been using YES for a couple of years now and am completely satisfied. I gave you a review a few years ago and will continue to give 5 stars for life. I'm also grateful for the Yes OB sample you sent last time with my first Yes WB order - it prompted me to buy the DG pack this time! ""Yes water based is a fantastic product, that has really changed my life, going through the menopause and bladder problems, led to dryness, but this product sorted it out.

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Catherine has focused her person-centered art therapy approach to allow for self-expression, discovery and exploration of what the individual needs to empower who they are and the hidden strengths they are capable of.""Is your child struggling in school?

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It had a great view of the back door to the kitchen. Since the thefts were probably happening over the weekend.

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While Connecticut sets the standard age of majority at 18, emancipation can allow for a minor to be responsible for his or her own wellbeing and make all of his or her own decisions regarding school, healthcare, and other matters.

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Let’s take a look at some of the best sites covering a wide variety of niches and tastes.

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She even holds out hope that one day Charlie will repay her, as he promised to do so many times. There can’t be a man in this world that could be this horrible to have purposefully done what he’s done to me.” The criminals who carry out romance scams are experts at what they do.

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Don't be fooled by the minimalist ic and somewhat dated site design.

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Tokii helps you stay in touch on a personal level with your significant other, and specializes in facilitating communication during every stage of the relationship.

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It’s notoriously hard to diagnose, because there are so many potential factors — environmental, relational, medical, you name it. “When couples get together, there is that infatuation phase where there’s a neuro-chemical cocktail stoking feelings of desire.