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For stocks grown to a size sufficient to accumulate numerous mutations, the general formulation is μ.

Note that this expression holds only in the absence of selection, which is likely to be weak or absent during the first cycle of infection but may become strong in subsequent cycles.

Each culture is then screened simply for the presence or absence of mutants, and the average number of virus particles per culture is also determined.

On the assumption that mutational events are randomly distributed among replication events and because the number of replication events per culture is close to is a third of the total number of different base substitutions that can be monitored.) In these riboviral systems, only base-pair substitutions are scored.

When rates of spontaneous mutation are expressed per genome per genome replication, different broad groups of organisms display characteristic values (3): roughly 0.2 for retroelements; close to 0.0034 for DNA-based microbes (including both viral and cellular organisms); and roughly 0.01 for higher eukaryotes.

will generally be a small (but not necessarily an integer) number, from one for a single round of infection (high multiplicity of infection), to perhaps four or five for a large population of host cells and a small inoculum.

In addition, the formulation also suggests ways to measure hitherto opaque parameters of viral replication.

The replication of riboviruses whose chromosomes are composed of single-stranded RNA follows a simple scheme (Fig. A cell is infected with one (or more) virus particles.

The number of sites at which mutation could occur was estimated from the observation that five sequenced mutations fell into four sites; assuming a Poisson distribution of mutations among sites, the most probable number of sites is 7.5.

The size of the measles genome is 15,894 bases (14).

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Many parsers, for example, return separate text events for numeric character references.