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In science fiction, even if a ship has shields that can shrug off atomic weapons, ramming it with another ship always manages to take it down. The impact of a heavy freight train going 60 mph is equal to that of 1 to 2 tons of TNT — it's just over a much smaller area, and going in one direction.

Most spaceships are far heavier, and can go far faster.

Note that this is where the term "ramming speed" comes from — the horator would begin beating the drums faster so the rovers at the oars of the galleys rowed faster in order to drive the ram deep into the side of the enemy ship.

Ramming tactics made a brief comeback in the latter half of the nineteenth century, with steamships, when they started making ships out of metal instead of wood which made older cannons obsolete.

Survivors are not unknown, and the effect is usually depicted as "Ship A crashes into ship B and ship B crumples and breaks apart in slow motion," where it should look like, and is only rarely is portrayed as, "Ship A crashes into ship B and both ships are vaporized in a titanic fireball".

Likewise, small fighter craft often smash into bigger ships with no visible effect, when they ought to be wreaking massive devastation.

Sunnis supported the succession of Abu Bakr, the prophet’s friend; Shiite Muslims felt the rightful successor was the prophet’s son-in-law and cousin, Ali bin Abu Talib.

In sci-fi terms, a Sister Trope to Kinetic Weapons Are Just Better.Here’s a backgrounder on the conflict so you can sound all smart at water cooler – or wherever people gather to gab about current events these days – on Twitter, Facebook and more.A: Both are branches of Islam and the adherents of both are Muslims, all bound by the same Quran, the same five pillars of Islam – belief in one God, daily prayer, fasting, charity, and hajj, or pilgrimage.Yemen, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Lebanon have significant Shiite minorities. In Iraq, the Shiite-dominated army has been seen as a strong-arm of Shiite president Nuri Kemal Al-Maliki and an oppressive force by majority Sunnis in the north.Sunnis make up about 85 percent of the world’s Muslims (including the vast majority of U. That’s why many have been happy to have the Sunni-dominated ISIS take over the north.

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More than half the lifeguards receive a total salary of more than 0,000 - including overtime pay but still excluding benefits such as healthcare and pensions. They made 2,190 rescues in 2010, reported The Orange County Register. Newport Beach also employs more than 200 seasonal and part-time ‘tower’ guards, with all lifeguards organised as part of the city’s fire department.

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“That’s the real issue—how happy are people with their interactions on the dating sites,” says Scott Kominers, a lecturer in economics at Harvard University.