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Over lunch the other day, Skye, 29, told us that the meeting came about through her older brother, Donovan Leitch, who hadn’t seen their father since he was a toddler but pushed for a family reunion. “The first time in 27 years that they were in a room together was my brother’s wedding [to model Kirsty Hume] in Scotland.It really was enough to make me go crazy,” the dark-haired actress reports. She’s divorcing Beastie Boys rapper Adam Horowitz, whom she wed in 1992.

"Caring, spacy and smart,'' are the first words that flash from Ione Skye's mind when she's asked to describe herself. When it came to making out with Keanu Reeves I was really shy, and I was very conscious to not allow myself to be exploited. I do Google and Wire Image myself, but only to see like how I look. Like if I’ve been out to a premiere or a party or something, and I’ve got on a special dress, then I’ll Google myself to see how I looked in the pictures that people took of me. I think it’s me butting up against my very shy side, and also my very rebellious side in a sense. Where as, when I did SAY ANYTHING I felt very insecure. In the past I wasn’t so aware of these things but now I’m trying to be more hands on about it. Then at same time, I understand there are just some things I’m not right for. But what about the first short film you shot a few years back called BED, BATH and BEYOND? He was making a movie about the Latino singer Selena that was killed. Our relationship is really fun, and I really admire him and he’s light and has a great energy to him.

If you ask Ione Skye whether or not she's fine with being remembered only for her work in the Cameron Crowe film SAY ANYTHING (1989) she says, "I'm OK with it, I don't mind." But maybe she should mind, considering the fact that she's given us twenty five years of incredible work and all. The set, and the crew on RIVER'S EDGE were very respectful of me. I really thought going onto that set was gonna be an experience like you read about. You know, someone offers you cocaine or something, and it wasn’t like that. Also, I do wish that I would’ve done more films that I could be more proud of. Back then, when I was in my 20’s when the iron was hot, I wasn’t interested in that type of work ethic. Other times I’m told “We really wanna see you more...” So it evens itself out. It’s a weird, trendy version of a soap opera with a lot of crazy things going on in it.

Skye has shined brighter than a diamond in films like RIVER'S EDGE (1986), A NIGHT IN THE LIFE OF JIMMY REARDON (1988), GAS FOOD LODGING (1992) and FOUR ROOMS (1995) for example. I was flaky, and I was more interested in going on tour with my then husband who was in the Beastie Boys. I’ve got that work ethic now and I make myself available to projects that are interesting to me. I am not private about my personal life with people I feel comfortable with. I have to always push myself into being an extrovert. It wasn’t the first time I had worked with a female director, but I was very conscious that I was. It was easy to get into that character because we were on location and that makes it easier for an actor to get into the role then if you’re living in a city.

As played by Cusack, the hero of Cameron Crowe’s first and sweetest film wears a shabby trench coat, has no career prospects beyond "kick-boxing", and no plans for the future except getting the high school golden girl, Diane Court (Ione Skye), to fall in love with him.

This is exactly what he does, using only the power of pure optimism and a boombox.

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Free Dating Australia has combined multiple streams of online dating options.

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And she doesn't live in Kensington, near all her Russian friends, and is angry about it. After a moment she puts it down and says: "There is nothing I wish to eat on this card." "Nothing at all? "Nothing." I mentally shrug and go over to the maitre d' and explain discreetly: "I'm very sorry but something's come up and we have to leave." At this point, Oxana joins us. It had become clear to me that I had only scratched the surface - that there are thousands, maybe tens of thousands out there, looking for a rich British date.

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