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Unlike the valid roles for folder permission with , respectively. Web Services.dll", "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange\Web Services

Unlike the valid roles for folder permission with , respectively. Web Services.dll", "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange\Web Services\1.0\Microsoft.


Unlike the valid roles for folder permission with , respectively. Web Services.dll", "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange\Web Services\1.0\Microsoft.

The colon is necessary because both parameters are switches, so their inclusion alone in the command means true, whereas to explicitly set them to false means using the syntax above. All of the cmdlets perform the expected error checking: the owner is a valid mailbox; any delegate to add, modify, or remove is a valid mailbox; adding a delegate when the delegate already exists; modifying or removing a delegate that is not an existing delegate; using a valid (albeit the limited subset exposed in the API) role for a folder permission; and using a valid meeting request delivery scope. Web Services.dll", "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange\Web Services\1.1\Microsoft.

I didn’t include the option of setting permission for Journal or Notes because, well, who uses them?

The ability to set the permission for Sent Items and Deleted Items is to accommodate those who use GPO to have Outlook store messages sent from another user in that person’s Sent Items folder, and likewise for messages deleted from another mailbox.

The module requires any version of the EWS Managed API and the Exchange cmdlets via remoting, as detailed below.

Upon importing the module, it will check for any version of the EWS Managed API, starting with version 2.0 and working its way back.

(The cmdlet checks if either switch is actually present in the command, so don’t be concerned that not including a switch implies that it should be false.) The alias for . Download the module or view/copy the code below: Delegate (9.2 Ki B) #Exchange 2010 mailbox delegate management module #v1.3.5 9/9/13 #1.3.5 Changed Send-As function to work in EMS #1.3.4 Changed default access to use FMA instead of impersonation #Paths to EWS Managed API DLL $ews APIPaths = "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange\Web Services\2.0\Microsoft. Web Services.dll", "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange\Web Services\1.2\Microsoft.


However, since certain cmdlets will fail when not executed remotely because they bypass RBAC, you need to be sure that you have not locally loaded the snap-in.) Access to a mailbox is done using full mailbox access.

Deploying the same type of authentication method for PEAP and EAP creates a security vulnerability.

When you deploy both PEAP and EAP (which is not protected), do not use the same authentication type.

For example, if you deploy PEAP-TLS, do not also deploy EAP-TLS.

Specifies that the client verifies that server certificates presented to the client computer have the correct signatures, have not expired, and were issued by a trusted root certification authority (CA).

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